Compact Combination Ovens by Falcon / Eloma

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Falcon Eloma B623 Compact Combi Steaming Oven
 Falcon Eloma B623
Compact Combi-Steaming Oven



Falcon Eloma C623 Compact Combi Steaming Oven

Falcon Eloma C623
Compact Combi-Steaming Oven

If size us a key consideration either in planning a new kitchen or within your current environment, the Compact will allow you to harvest the many benefits of using a combination oven whilst preserving space in the kitchen.

Programmable for 12 standard products
Simple and quick operation all at the touch of a button
Professional cooking with constant quality

Steaming with 3 temperature ranges
30 - 98C Vario steaming
99C Steaming
100 - 130C Intensive steaming

Combi-steaming / regenerating
30 - 250C Steaming and hot air combined automatically
Regeneration under optimum conditions

Cook and Hold
30 - 120C Cook gently for a long time and hold warm with a thermal ripening process. Low temperature range

Hot Air
30 - 300C The mode for roasting, grilling, gratinating and baking

Manual Humidification
Individual humidification, particularly useful in the hot air range

Active de-humidification of the cooking chamber

Core-temperature control
Measuring the core temperature using a probe sensor that is accurate to a dot.

Shelf runners
Grease filters
Bright interior illumination
Core temperature
Digital Display
LT low temperature cooking / cook & hold
Hand shower

6 x 2/3GN capacity
40mm Drain
520mm x 615mm x 670mm
5.9kW 400V 3N  /   3.9kW 230V 16A



Manual (digital) Control Version

Electronic Control Version

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