Genius - Electric Combination Ovens by Falcon / Eloma

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Falcon Eloma Genius GC611 Combi Steaming Oven
 Falcon Eloma GC611
Genius Combi-Steaming Oven
6 trays / pans GN 1/1


Falcon Eloma Genius GC1011 Combi Steaming Oven
Falcon Eloma GE1011
Genius B Combi-Steaming Oven
10 trays / pans GN 1/1


Falcon Eloma Genius GC2011 Combi Steaming Oven
Falcon Eloma GE2011
 GeniusB Combi-Steaming Oven
20 trays / pans GN 1/1


Falcon Eloma Genius GC2021 Combi Steaming Oven
Falcon Eloma GE2021
Genius B Combi-Steaming Oven
20 trays / pans GN 2/1
40 trays / pans GN 1/1

Eloma's aim when developing the Genius Series of Combination Ovens was to build a top class product for people who seek top quality and know how to appreciate it.

Having achieved that aim, you can enjoy truly ingenious cooking with the Genius' sheer unlimited capabilities and easy operation.

With standard features such as a Steam Protection System, Live Steam System, and Autoclean - the Gebius combination ovens are guaranteed to maximise time and reduce running costs.

The Genius combination ovens are designed with versatility very much in mind. With a single touch, you can direct the Genius any way you please while simultaneously determining the cooking procedure, temperature and humidity levels.

The interactive monitor displays all the most important points : Red - symbolising fire - indicates dry heat, with a smooth transition to Blue - symbolising water - for humidity. Cooking chamber climate at a glance.

With a simple fingertip control of the sensor keys, you can switch to the list of cooking programs, to the stored cooking procedures or to the additional functions, with the Genius tirelessly relaying your commands and displaying them on the monitor.

You can save cooking sequences at the mere touch of a finger. 300 memory slots, each with up to 20 cooking stages - Steptronic which allows the personal touch to be introduced to the cooking process.

Climatic is the magic work for the cooking chamber climate elevated to perfection. Sensors continuously measure temperature and moisture levels, actively influencing the chamber humidity to ensure perfect cooking results, time after time.

Climatic, variable combinations of temperature and humidity as part of cooking modes
Colour monitor with on-screen menu prompting
Genius one-hand operation
Program storage - 300 programs
Variable program libraries
SPS - Steam protection system
E/2 energy saving function
2 fan wheel speeds
Serial interface
Multipoint core temperature measuring
Interior illumination
Grease filter
Hand shower
Table top models with shelf runners
Floor models with rack trolleys




11kW 400V 3N
925mm x 805mm x 840mm

17kW 400V 3N
925mm x 805mm x 1120mm

45kW 400V 3N
1030mm x 880mm x 1930mm

68kW 400V 3N
1310mm x 1086mm x 1925mm

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