Multimax B Combination Ovens by Falcon / Eloma

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Price (ex. VAT)

Falcon Eloma Multimax B MB611 Combi Steaming Oven
 Falcon Eloma MB611
Multimax B Combi-Steaming Oven
6 trays / pans GN 1/1


Falcon Eloma Multimax B MB1011 Combi Steaming Oven
Falcon Eloma MB1011
Multimax B Combi-Steaming Oven
10 trays / pans GN 1/1


Falcon Eloma Multimax B MB2011 Combi Steaming Oven
Falcon Eloma MB2011
Multimax B Combi-Steaming Oven
20 trays / pans GN 1/1


Falcon Eloma Multimax B MB2021 Combi Steaming Oven
Falcon Eloma MB2021
Multimax B Combi-Steaming Oven
20 trays / pans GN 2/1
40 trays / pans GN 1/1

A classic control system for all functions, digital displays and convenient control knobs. Simply call up cooking programs quickly and reliably. Clima-Aktiv, Combitronic, a multi-point core temperature measuring system and a hand shower are all part of the standard equipment.

Steaming with 3 temperature ranges
30 - 98C Vario steaming
99C Steaming
100 - 130C Intensive steaming

Combi-steaming / regenerating
30 - 250C Steaming and hot air combined automatically
Regeneration under optimum conditions

Hot Air
30 - 300C The mode for roasting, grilling, gratinating and baking

30 - 120C Cook gently for a long time and keep warm with a thermal ripening process. Low temperature range.

Program memory
9 programs with 5 steps each

Manual Humidification
Individual humidification, particularly useful in the hot air range

Active de-humidification of the cooking chamber

Save energy
Reduced heating capacity

Fan speed
Reduced for gentle cooking

Core-temperature control
Multi-point sensor for precise measuring of core temperature and correction in case of incorrect plunging

Four cooking modes - steaming / combi steaming / convection / low temperature cooking
9 program storage
Manual humidification
Climate control (Clima Aktiv)
E/2 energy saving function
2 fan wheel speeds
Digital displays
Multipoint core temperature measuring
Interior illumination
Grease filter
Hand shower
Table top models with shelf runners
Floor models with rack trolleys




11kW 400V 3N
925mm x 805mm x 840mm

17kW 400V 3N
925mm x 805mm x 1120mm

45kW 400V 3N
1030mm x 880mm x 1930mm

68kW 400V 3N
1310mm x 1086mm x 1925mm

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